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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations
Image by Richard Brutyo

General Guidelines:

Our Local Rules are designed to complement, rather than contradict, the International Rules of Golf, recognizing that our Golf Course is continually evolving. While adhering to international standards, certain concessions are necessary during this developmental phase. Any points not addressed here will defer to the Rules set forth by the R&A or USGA.


Through the Greens:

a. Preferred Lie: Within the boundaries of the Green (excluding Hazards), players may pick, clean, and place their ball within one club length, ensuring it remains no closer to the hole. The number of permitted placements varies by hole: 4 for Par 5, 3 for Par 4, and 2 for Par 3. It is recommended to mark the ball's location before lifting. If deemed unplayable even after taking a preferred lie, players may invoke the "Ball Unplayable" rule with a one-stroke penalty.



a. Sand Bunkers and Water Bodies: Currently designated areas such as Sand Bunkers, Water Bodies, and specific Tree clusters marked with Red Stakes are considered Hazards. Rules governing actions within these Hazards, including Relief options for unplayable or lost balls, are outlined in the latest "Rules of Golf" 13-4 and 26-1.

b. Playing from Sand Bunkers: Players must play the ball as it lies within Sand Bunkers. Removal of pebbles or stones is permitted only if they interfere with the swing.

c. Leveling Sand Bunkers: Players are kindly requested to level the Sand Bunker after their shot to facilitate the next player's experience. Failure to do so may result in no relief for subsequent players.

d. Lateral Water Hazards - Deemed: Enclosed areas within marked tree-clusters alongside certain fairways and ESAs are deemed as Lateral Water Hazards. These areas are identified by RED markings and are treated as such for play purposes.

[A] Play the ball as it lies, without forcing any improvement in the stance, swing or lie.

[B] Under penalty of a stroke, play a ball from the spot where it was originally hit from.

[C] Under Penalty of a stroke, play the ball from the fairway where the ball appears to have crossed the Hazard Line and within TWO CLUB-LENGTHS from that Hazard Line, and not nearer the hole than the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard.

[D] Under penalty of a stroke, play from any distance not nearer to the hole, behind the hazard line keeping a straight line between the hole, the spot where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard and the spot on which the ball is to be played. A player may move to an adjacent fairway also while applying this Rule.

On the Greens:


a. Ball Marking: It is considered courteous to mark your ball on the Greens.


b. Respectful Play: Refrain from moving, talking, or standing too close to a player making a stroke.


c. Turf Preservation: Avoid disturbing the turf along the line of putt. Loose impediments may be removed.


d. Flagstick Etiquette: Replace the flagstick carefully after each putt.


e. Pace of Play: Always maintain an efficient pace of play and graciously invite faster groups to play through when necessary.

Markers and Bounds

Distance Posts: Yellow (100 Yards), White (150 Yards), and Blue (200 Yards) from the green center.

Margins & Bounds: Yellow (Water Hazard), Red (Lateral Hazard), White (Out of Bounds).

These guidelines are designed to ensure a harmonious and enjoyable golfing experience for all our esteemed members.

Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our staff for assistance.

Buggy Rules

Image by Dean


Golf carts damage and tear up the playing surface of the golf course, particularly during and after the rains. Reckless driving, zig zag & diagonal, poses hassles for course maintenance and also for the walking golfers. Hence the cart path rules.

[1] Cart shall be driven only along the paved cart paths wherever provided. Elsewhere, the cart shall be driven along SERVICE ROADS & ALONG EXTREME BORDERLINE / TREE LINES of the fairways. Fairways of 2,3,13 are having fully paved cart paths. Along other fairways, only critical paths are paved.

[2] Diagonal or zig zag driving across the fairways is not permitted. To reach the ball spot from the boundary path, only 90-DEGREE TURNS (perpendicular) are allowed.


[3] No Turns are allowed beyond the new 50 yards marks (Orange Color). Before reaching 50 Yards mark, Carts shall be brought to the path towards the next Tee or exits.


[4] On fairways of 2, 3 &13 drive & park along paved paths only; turns are not permitted throughout.


[5] To reach tee No.6, go through the old tee box area of No.14 and park at the designated area.

[6] Again, with a view to protect the fairways & turf, a cart shall not be overloaded. MAXIMUM TWO PLAYERS and golf sets are permitted. Carts shall be driven carefully at moderate speeds avoiding sprinkler heads, valve boxes and pipe lines. 


[7] Costs of damages to course and cart due reckless usage will be recovered from the user. Decision of the management will be final in this matter.

Climatic / Geographic  Data


150 -43'-14" N Latitude
740 -29'-03" Longitude

720 TO 750 mmsl

1770 mm Average

15° C - 35° C

50% Average

90 Kms. South West Arabian Sea

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